Costenoble entryCostenoble has been an internationally renowned manufacturer and a reputable trading house of chemical raw materials, additives and specialty chemicals for over half a century.  Costenoble’s distinctive “C” stands behind a multitude of chemical-technical solutions for numerous applications. And this in almost all industrial sectors.

 Costenoble’s strength lies in its capacity to offer top products according to state-of-the-art technology.  In the process, besides quality and reliability of products and service, focus is always on the actual benefit to the customer. Therefore, part of the Costenoble performance guarantee is also to address customer-specific requirements.  That way, individual solutions develop from specific tasks. In the process, Costenoble always allows itself to be measured on its principle of individualizing quality and standing by its customers as a reliable and competent partner. 

As a globally operating specialist and supplier of products made by renowned industrial firms, Costenoble still contrives to be a long-standing and competent partner through quality, reliability and service.