Costenoble has been an internationally well-known and respected trading company for more than half a century for base chemicals, additives and special chemicals. The distinctive Costenoble “C” stands behind a variety of chemical solutions for numerous applications. And this in almost all industrial areas.

The strength of Costenoble is the competence in providing premium, state-of-the-art-products. In addition to quality and reliability of product and service, the focus is thereby always on the specific customer benefits.

The Costenoble performance guarantee therefore always includes addressing customer-specific requirements. Individual solutions arise from specific tasks. In doing so, Costenoble always lets itself be measured by its principle of customising quality and supporting its customers as a reliable and competent partner.

As a worldwide operating specialist and supplier of products from well-known industrial companies, Costenoble still understands how to be a long-term, competent partner by dint of quality, reliability and service.