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OSIXO® Oil and Greases

The products in the OSIXO® series are a combination of outstanding product characteristics and diverse possible applications. The high-performance lubricants are not flammable, have temperature stability and are chemically inert. They show low evaporation losses and high resistance to aggressive chemicals. The products in the OSIXO® series ensure reliable high performance in electrical, classic mechanical and in optical application areas.

Their stability and reliability make them versatile materials with the highest quality. They solve a variety of existing problems and at the same time will meet future challenges.

OSIXO® DP-704 and DP-705: High quality silicone oils for diffusion pumps

OSIXO® DP-704 and OSIXO DP-705 are used in oil diffusion pumps. They have good oxidation stability and chemical resistance for high vacuum applications up to 10-10 Torr. OSIXO® DP-704 and OSIXO® DP-705 are silicone oils with excellent resistance to oxidation, heat and chemicals. The methylphenyl siloxane chains do not degenerate even under the influence of high temperatures. They are chemically almost inert and have temperature stability. In comparison with conventional mineral oil based diffusion pump oils, they provide improved suction capacity and pumping time. They provide a longer tool life and extended lubrication intervals.

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